sad news from the world of rock and roll

There has been speculation for months now about the medical condition of AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young. This week, we finally got an answer. And it isn’t good news.

The family of founding AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young has confirmed the illness that forced the 61-year-old to quit the band. “Malcolm is suffering from dementia and the family thanks you for respecting their privacy,” they said in a statement, according to People.

The group had previously announced in April that Young would be taking a break from the band and that it would be recording a new record without him. When AC/DC announced that it would be putting out the record, Rock or Bust, this fall, they confirmed that Young would not be returning to the band, “due to the nature of Malcolm’s condition.” They did not go into the specifics of the illness.

Young’s nephew, Stevie Young, played rhythm guitar in Malcolm’s stead on Rock or Bust. He will also be filling in for the elder Young on the group’s upcoming world tour in 2015.

Wow, that’s a tough break. Godspeed, Malcolm Young. Thank you for the years of rocking awesomeness.

8 thoughts on “sad news from the world of rock and roll

  1. John D.:
    I can honestly say I was not a fan of AC/DC when they first came out – was too busy w/ the late Johnny Winter and the (also) late Rory Gallagher. But over the years, I’ve come to my rock n roll senses and embraced the band, even after they lost Bon Scott.
    Brian Johnson has done a GREAT job ever since.
    It saddens me to hear about Malcolm…I know Angus, the rest of the band, their family and fans the world over wish him them all well during this trying time.
    (great video, BTW).

    (Rock and) Roll safe out there


    • Johnson has been great as lead singer. Not many bands can lose a key player like AC/DC did in 1980 and bounce back bigger than ever (Back in Black was the second biggest-selling album of all time), but they did. I have to give them credit for resilience.


    • I’m not ready to write them off yet. They came back from losing Bon Scott. A resilient lot, they are. There’s supposedly a tour in the works for 2015. If they come my way, I’ll probably go to see them. I saw them on their Stiff Upper Lip tour in 2001, great show.


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