this day in crime history: september 25, 1959

On this date in 1959, Anthony “Little Augie Pisano” Carfano got rubbed out. Carfano, a Capo in the Genevose (formerly Luciano) crime family, had made the mistake of getting on the bad side of boss Vito Genevose. As if one fatal mistake wasn’t enough, rumor has it that Carfano was making a play for Meyer Lansky’s gambling action in Cuba.

Carfano was found dead in his car in Queens, shot twice. Also killed was Janice Drake, a former Miss New Jersey and the wife of comedian Alan Drake. She had made her own fatal mistake: going to dinner with the man who had pissed off two of the country’s most dangerous mobsters.

Further Reading:

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2 thoughts on “this day in crime history: september 25, 1959

  1. John D.:
    They should have issued a Surgeon General’s Warning about Carfano…
    “Being in his company may be harmful to one’s health.”

    Nasty way to go.

    Good story.
    Roll safe out there.


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