this day in crime history: september 18, 1975

PattyMugshotOn this date in 1975, heiress-turned-hostage-turned- revolutionary Patty Hearst was arrested by the FBI in San Francisco. And so began her transformation from radical chic to jailhouse geek. She was tried, convicted, and given a seven year sentence that was commuted in 1979 (thanks, Jimmy!). She was pardoned in January 2001 (thanks, Bill!).

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5 thoughts on “this day in crime history: september 18, 1975

  1. John D.:
    Nice to see she DID clean her act up and faded into relative obscurity.
    (wonder whatever happened to that group she belonged to – hope it didn’t morph into some radical Islamic sect)

    Stay safe.


    • I think there’s something to it. Over a period of time, it makes sense that captor and hostage might experience some degree of emotional bonding. Provided there is sufficient interaction between them. With any luck, it’ll make the hostage-takers more hesitant to kill their hostages.


      • I agree, the key to staying alive in a situation like that is to get the captor to see you as a human being instead of as an object. There is no telling what any of us would do in order to survive.


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