this day in science fiction history: september 13, 1999

On this date in a fictional 1999, Earth’s moon was hurled from orbit by a nuclear blast. The personnel manning Moonbase Alpha survived the blast (they were on the opposite side of the moon from the nuclear waste storage facility that blew up), and were sent on an interstellar adventure that lasted two TV seasons. Although some of them didn’t make it to the second season. The show, of course, is Space 1999. The intro to season 1 is posted above. Here’s the intro to season 2:

Personally, I prefer the first season intro over the second. And while we’re on the subject, I thought the first season was better in pretty much every way.

If you’re a fan of the show, and you’re curious about what happened to our intrepid space travelers, there’s an answer for you. Sort of. In 1999 (the real 1999), a short was released titled Message from Moonbase Alpha. It was written by former show writer Johnny Byrne and starred series regular Zienia Merton. Thankfully, someone posted it to Youtube.

8 thoughts on “this day in science fiction history: september 13, 1999

  1. John D.:
    This was one of those shows I LOVED…it was plausible, possible, and well thought out.

    If memory serves, I want to say it was a UK “ITC” release out of the Century 21 stable of programs.
    (like U.F.O and yes, Thunderbirds and Fireball XL5.)

    Had a great cast, with special effects from Gerry & Sylvia Anderson (can’t go wrong there, they were the Michael Bay of that time with all the cool explosions).
    (got the episodes on Beta tapes, but no way now to view them)

    I still have several COMICS from the series, ALL the paperbacks, AND…an EAGLE-1 Tramsport ship – not the foot long model (had that once before it broke), but the HUGE 2.5 ft (toy-action figure made by Mattel toys) version with ALL three main character figures. Just try and find one NOW for the original price (under $20).

    Pretty much all complete, too, but I’m in the process of doing a “repaint” over the flaking stick-on decals.

    I’ll have to post some pics someday soon…JUST for you, J.D.

    Excellent call.

    Roll safe out there.


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