principles and principals, they’re not interchangeable

A teen mother, living in poverty; she works hard to extricate herself from her situation, eventually earning two masters degrees. She becomes a teacher and goes on to become a public school principal. Pretty inspiring story, isn’t it? But the ending is a little less than inspiring.

Meet Sadie Silver, principal of Public School 28 in Brooklyn, NY. She and her boyfriend, Michael Acosta, were arrested for trying to smuggle heroin and suboxone into Coxsackie Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Just to add a little icing to this layer cake of shame, they had a 10 year old child with them when they tried to pass the drugs to an inmate in the facility’s visiting room. Nice, huh?

Both were charged with promoting prison contraband and possession of a controlled substance. They were arraigned and released on bond. The NYC school system has “reassigned” Ms. Silver pending the outcome of her case. But don’t worry, she’ll still be collecting her paycheck (to the tune of $129K per year, by the way) while she waits for the wheels of justice to turn. Is this a great country or what?

12 thoughts on “principles and principals, they’re not interchangeable

  1. Jphn D.”
    How’s that old saying go again?
    “You lie down with pigs and when you get up, you come up smelling like garbage.”
    (or worse…paraphrased from the Franklin quote about dogs and fleas)
    Yep, that’s the one.

    She chose to “dance”…time to pay the piper, now.
    Seems this woman abused those two words (nicely) in the title of your post
    ( at least it won’t be an AMC or FX series…lol)

    Good call.

    Roll safe out there.


    • According to one of the news stories I read, her son was an inmate there. It didn’t say that he was the person she was trying to pass the drugs to, but it seems the obvious answer. Most mothers want to keep their kids away from drugs. I guess this one’s a different kind of mom.


  2. That’s actually normal for all school systems, both public and private. A (bad) example out here would be a professor who was jailed for a year on fraud charges being promoted while still in jail.


    • No doubt something like that happens once in a while. My mom’s a retired teacher, so I’ve heard of some pretty crazy stories about things that go on behind the scenes.


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