no springs!

One thing I neglected to mention during my review of Rifftrax Live: Sharknado is that the guys started the show, as they often do, by riffing an old short. This one was an “educational” film called A Case of Spring Fever. As it turns out, this one had been riffed back in the MST3K days. I found it on Youtube the other day. The riffs they did last week were completely different than the MST3K treatment. Here’s the original.

2 thoughts on “no springs!

  1. John:
    You have to go some to beat the gang from MST3K.
    Sure miss ’em these days…there are SO many flicks they COULD do (and do well).

    Good post & video.
    Stay safe out there.


    • These guys are from MST3K. Mike Nelson was head writer for most of the show’s run and played the lead in the last half of the episodes. Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett were writers on the show and voiced Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot, respectively.


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