review – rifftrax live: sharknado


Last Thursday, I went to see Rifftrax Live: Sharknado. This is the third Rifftrax event I’ve seen, the other two being Night of the Living Dead and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. As with the two previous shows, this one was preceded by a fake trivia slide show. These are always amusing. Here’s an example of one from Sharknado.


I hope he leaves it there too, by the way. Of course I haven’t even seen the first one yet, so…

The show itself was really entertaining. Mike, Kevin, and Bill were simulcasting from Minneapolis, which is where MST3K got its start. The home town audience was super-enthused, as was the audience in Albany.

One Rifftrax fan I know expressed some doubt that they could pull it off. After all, how do you riff a movie that was made as a satire in the first place? I mean, the whole point of riffing is to make fun of unintentional cheesiness. But they pulled it off. There were multiple riffs about Tara Reid’s career (such that it is), Ian (pronounced Eye-in) Ziering’s stint on 90210, and the expected barbs about the movie’s Jaws references. They even worked in the obligatory Nick Nolte joke. No Rifftrax show would be complete without one. All in all, it lived up to my expectations. There’s an encore on Tuesday night. It’s worth your time and money, if you’re a fan of this sort of thing.

They also gave us a brief preview of their next show, 1998’s Godzilla. That’s the one with Ferris Bueller. That one will be hitting theaters on August 14th. You can bet I’ll be there.


9 thoughts on “review – rifftrax live: sharknado

  1. I actually watched Sharknado, still not sure why. I was even sober. (That could be why it sucked so bad) I would think the rifftrax would be tons better. It had to be, because the movie itself was blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  2. John D.:
    Can’t say I’m willing to “bite” at watching Sharknado…dunno why?
    As to AVATAR?
    Saw the first flick..from a TECHNICAL standpoint…very well done.
    As to the plot…been done before at some levels.
    Don’t have it in my “collection”, and unless I get a DVD for free, probably won’t add it.

    There are plenty of flicks out there with better story-lines and yes, better acting.
    Aliens and The Abyss (imho) are better all around (and both directed BY Cameron)

    Cameron, while being a VERY good director (to me) is a better deep sea explorer.
    Cam’t fault the man for doing what he WANTS to, however…he DOES have the bucks.

    Stay safe out there.


    • I actually watched it on SyFy a few months back. It was bad, but intentionally so. There’s a sequel in the works. I’ll probably watch that too. Hopefully the Rifftrax crew will have a go at that one.


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