friday movie quote


“Look, I don’t think I’m Elvis, alright? I don’t carry on conversations with my dog, I don’t put on a dress and dance around Times Square… Actually, I lied. Once I did put on a dress and dance around Times Square, but I was with Elvis. My dog told me to do it so you can’t really blame me, can you?”

-Billy Caufield (Michael Keaton), The Dream Team (1989)

2 Responses to “friday movie quote”

  1. July 11, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    John D.:
    I told Wifey about this flick (don’t think she’s ever seen it) …I think it’s a hoot, but they never seem to SHOW it on any channel.
    What’s up with that, anyway>?

    Is it suddenly politically incorrect to show mental hospital patients going “out on the town” with Keaton?
    (must be).
    –For that matter anyone recently see “Dear America – Letters home from Vietnam” on ANY channel (HBO special from 1988, with an all-star cast doing voice overs)?
    LOTS of good stuff out there from times past…that we never get to see these days.

    Good choice w/ Keaton and this movie.

    Have a great weekend and roll safe out there.


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