this day in crime history: july 10, 1981

Photo: Don Shrubshell/The Maryville Daily Forum

On this day in 1981, Ken McElroy was shot while sitting in his truck in Skidmore, MO. McElroy, known to locals as the town bully, had been arrested at least twenty times for charges ranging from rape and arson to burglary and assault. But McElroy had a talent for avoiding punishment for his crimes, dodging conviction in every case.

In 1980, prosecutors were finally able to make a case against McElroy stick: the shooting of Ernest “Bo” Bowenkamp. Bowenkamp, 70, ran the local grocery store and was minister of the town’s Church of Christ. McElroy was charged with attempted murder and was eventually convicted of assault.

McElroy appealed the conviction. His appeal was granted and he was released on bond in 1981. When he returned to Skidmore, McElroy threatened to kill Bowenkamp. He made this threat in the local tavern. While armed with an M-1 Garand rifle.

Some of the townspeople approached the local sheriff in search of a legal solution to the situation. He suggested they set up a neighborhood watch.

On July 10, 1981, McElroy was sitting with his wife in his truck outside a local bar. A crowd gathered and McElroy was shot several times with two different rifles. No one called an ambulance. McElroy died at the scene. With about four dozen witnesses present, no one could identify a shooter.

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2 thoughts on “this day in crime history: july 10, 1981

  1. Jphn D.:
    Now, back where I originally come from, we used to call that NATURAL JUSTICE.
    (just ask Frank Castle on that one)

    Good story.

    Roll safe out there.


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