the murder of giuseppe petrosino: case closed?


An unsolved mystery may finally be solved. Police in Italy may have stumbled on to an answer to who murdered NYPD Lt. Joe Petrosino while he was in Sicily. A police wiretap recorded Sicilian mafioso Domenico Palazzotto bragging that his great uncle, Paolo Palazzotto was the trigger man that shot Petrosino on a street in Palermo. He was acting on orders from mafias boss Don Vito Cascio Ferro. Sadly, no one will have to pay the price for Petrosino’s murder, as the perpetrators are all dead. But at least we may finally have an answer to who was behind it. On the other hand, Domenico Palazzotto might be full of crap and just running his mouth to get some street cred.


4 thoughts on “the murder of giuseppe petrosino: case closed?

    • Paolo was actually a prime suspect back in the day, but there wasn’t enough evidence to make a case against him. Now, thanks to his big mouth grandnephew, we have more information.


  1. John D.:
    This would be a great thing ID the case is truly solved.

    And didn’t you mention that this was the basis for an old Ernie Borgnine movie?
    (can’t remember the name of it either – blame aging and global warming…lol)

    Good update.

    Roll safe out there.


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