this day in crime history: june 11, 2001


On this date in 2001, Timothy McVeigh was executed by lethal injection at the US Penitentiary in Terre Haute, IN. McVeigh was sentenced to death for the 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, OK in which 168 people were killed. McVeigh declined to give a final statement in the execution chamber. His last meal included two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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7 thoughts on “this day in crime history: june 11, 2001

    • The way the system works today, most definitely. It took 25 years to finally execute Tookie Williams. But contrast that with the 1933 execution of assassin Giuseppe Zangara. He murdered Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak on February 15, 1933. He was quickly tried for the crime and sentenced to death. His execution took place on March 20, 1933. That’s just under five weeks from the offense to the execution. I can be as vengeance-minded as the next guy, but that seems way too fast to me.


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