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” I am sick of this war. It’s not a good war. You don’t remember the first one. I was a Fähnrich in the U Boats. How proud I was! We went out in those little sardine tins, and if we submerged we couldn’t always be sure we would come up again. Oh it was a good game we played! The Captain would look through his periscope and sight the target… and then he did arithmetic in his head! And said ‘torpedo loose!’ And you know something? Sometimes the torpedo wouldn’t even leave the tube. And if it did, we were most lucky to hit something! And now… now I look in the periscope and it gives me the distance and the speed. I pass this information to the attack table, and machinery turns, and lights flash, and we get the answer. The torpedo runs to it’s target, and there is no human error in this. They’ve taken human error out of war, Heinie. They’ve taken the human out of war. War was different then. It put iron in a country’s backbone, gave them brave memories. And even in defeat it gave them honor. But there is no honor in this war. The memories will be ugly, even if we win. And if we die… we die without God.”

-Von Stolberg (Curt Jurgens), The Enemy Below (1957)


9 thoughts on “friday movie quote

  1. John D.:
    This was (and still is) one m=of MY favorite WW2 flicks..and my late Father and I ALWAYS watched this together whenever it was on TV.
    (He actually saw it in the movies…on a BIG screen! I was a bit young then)
    We did see it together when they reran it a couple years later in another theater.

    I still look for it on TCM…very well acted and great special effects for the time.
    (“…I could swear I heard…singing, sir, before we lost the signal….”)

    A perfect quote to kick off this weekend.
    Very well done, Boss.

    Roll safe out there this weekend.


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