hey man, take a walk on the wild side

I was doing some research over the weekend when I ran into this story in the December 14, 1920 edition of the Syracuse Herald:

Woman Charges “Husband” with Being Female

Sioux City, IA, Dec. 14 (United News), — Sioux City police are attempting to get a correct understanding of what the following is all about.

Mrs. Clifton D. Revere had her husband arrested Monday charging that he is a woman masquerading as a member of the sterner sex. They have been “married” for three years.

With the husband, the police are holding O.D. Church, post office employee, who has lived with the Reveres as the husband’s brother. Instead, the police aver, he is the husband of Mrs. Revere’s “husband.”

The young wife became suspicious of her husband’s sex a few weeks ago she told police and confided her belief to her brother [sic]. The arrests followed.

“Revere” has been a real estate operator here for three years.

Three years? It took her three years to figure out her husband wasn’t a man? Wow. Just… wow. I’d love to know how this story played out, but I couldn’t find any follow-ups to the original article. If I ever make it to Sioux City, I’m going to have to pay a visit to the local library to see if I can find out how this thing ends.


2 thoughts on “hey man, take a walk on the wild side

  1. John D.:
    I MIGHT have figured a story like THIS might turn up in the Socialist Replublic of Kalifornia…but NOT Iowa!
    Yeah…THREE years???
    Guess things were a bit “randier” back in the 1920s?

    Nice find.
    Stay safe out there.


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