rocket ride

I saw this video over the weekend. It shows the first test flight of SpaceX‘s F9R rocket. It’s nice to know that someone in this country is still doing research and development with rockets.

6 thoughts on “rocket ride

  1. John D.:
    Reminds me of the model rockets we used to build and shoot off.
    (This one looks a tad LARGER, though…lol)

    I WILL say it LANDS a lot better than most of OURS ever did…!

    Agreed that it’s good to see SOMEONE in the business (still).

    Stay safe out there.


  2. Did anyone ever think that in the 21st Century, the US would have no way to get people into orbit and would need to pay the Russians to take us?

    If I had wrote that as the premise of a SF story in the 70’s, it would have seemed ridiculous and dystopian.


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