30 days of the 5-2 (2014)


April is National Poetry Month. To mark the occasion, writer, poet and editor Gerald So has organized a blog tour called 30 Days of The 5-2. Gerald is the creator and editor of The 5-2, an online crime poetry weekly. Each day, a different blogger will post about crime poetry and/or the 5-2.

A couple months back, Gerald invited me to participate in the tour again, which I am happy to do. Today — tax day, as it turns out — Nobody Move is host to the tour.

There are some really great poems posted at the 5-2. I highly recommend checking it out. One poem that really caught my attention was “In Memoriam: Ex-KGB Agent Complains of Mysterious Toxin in His Veins,” by Elizabeth Lash. It appears to have been inspired by the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in 2006. I thought this particular work was topical due to current events in the Ukraine. Here’s a video of Gerald So reading it:

To see the other stops on the 30 Days of the 5-2 Blog Tour, check out the tour’s page here.

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