fantasy cruising

It’s supposed to go up to 65 today. Sixty-freaking-five! After the brutal winter we’ve just had, that’s a welcome relief. I just wish I could enjoy the nice weather. Instead, it looks like I’ll be spending most of the day cooped up in my office. I’d rather be out cruising. Preferably in a convertible, like the Mustang pictured below. With the top down, of course. And I’d need some tunes cranking. I’m in an 80s hair metal mood, so some Motley, Def Lep and Scorpions would do the trick.

If you were to be out cruising, what kind of vehicle would you want to be in? And what tunes would you be cranking?


4 thoughts on “fantasy cruising

  1. John D.:
    Man, is THAT ever a loaded question…
    What car?
    (kinda partial to that dinosaur in my garage with any music I like on it…lol)
    I guess the car and the music have to go “hand-in-hand” for the most part.

    Wouldn’t be tooling around in a BENTLEY with ZZ TOP’S “She’s got Legs” blasting.
    I might run with…
    –An Aston – with some 007 music.
    –A ’68 Mustang fastback with the soundtrack from BULLITT,
    –Maybe a BMW with some Wagnerian music.
    And any of this also depends on WHAT comes first…the MUSIC…or the CAR.
    (and if I can afford the latter of the two)


    Good post.
    Enjoy all that “nice” outside today.

    Roll safe.


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