total riff off

Hey, if you’ve been looking for something interesting to do this April Fool’s Day, you might want to head over to the National Geographic Channel for Total Riff Off. The crew from Rifftrax will be giving the treatment to three NatGeo shows. “What is Rifftrax?” you ask. Click this link for an answer.

It looks like the next Rifftrax Live event is scheduled for July 10th. Still no word on what movie they’ll be doing.


2 thoughts on “total riff off

  1. John D.:
    I saw where NatGeo is doing the 3-hr “MST3K” gig…I plan to watch it.

    But I netter see some backs of heads down front…lol.
    (and one of them better be Crow)
    …Or I will be surfing onward.

    Stay safe out there


    • I doubt you’ll be seeing the bots. The company that produced MST3K still owns the copyright on them. But Rifftrax does feature the guys who provided Tom’s and Crow’s voices.


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