this day in crime history: march 11, 2005

On this date in 2005, Brian Nichols, the defendant in a rape case in Atlanta, overpowered the deputy assigned to guard him and took her gun. Nichols then went on a shooting spree that left four people dead. He was arrested after police received a tip from Ashley Smith, a woman Nichols had held hostage for seven hours after escaping from the court house.

After multiple delays, Nichols was tried on 54 criminal counts in October 2008. The jury found him guilty on all counts. He received multiple life sentences, with no possibility for parole.

Further reading: – Brian Nichols: Atlanta Courthouse Killer

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10 thoughts on “this day in crime history: march 11, 2005

  1. John D.:
    SO, if I undertsand our judicial system THESE days…taking a life gets you a LIFE sentence…and the MORE lives you take, the smaller the chance of parole…but NEVER the death penalty for TAKING any life.

    Not a bad deal…except for all the VICTIMS…and their families.
    Where’s THEIR justice?
    Good story.

    Stay safe.


  2. I recall how Ms. Smith was hailed as a hero, until the media found out she used Scripture to calm the guy down. Then she was ridiculed even as her captor was tried for his crimes.



  3. I remember when this happened, and I have to tell you, his escape from the courthouse seemed like something straight out of an action movie. What he did was pretty much how you would script it of you wanted a daring courthouse escape.


    • He was definitely a badass. I’m sure the cops were ready to shoot this guy on sight. Ashley Smith’s facilitation of his arrest probably saved his life. And maybe the lives of a couple cops too.


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