from dusk till dawn: the series

Yes, you read that right. The 1996 cult horror classic about Mexican vampires is being made into a TV series. The show premieres on March 11th on the El Rey Network, which was founded by Robert Rodriguez, director of the original movie. The cast includes Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) as Jacob Fuller, the role played by Harvey Keitel in the movie. Don Johnson will be playing Texas Ranger Earl McGraw. I’m not sure how they’re going to stretch this story out into a weekly series, but I’m anxious to check it out.

Here’s a trailer for the show.

For those who are unfamiliar with the original movie, here’s the trailer for that.


9 thoughts on “from dusk till dawn: the series

  1. John D.:
    Maybe the SERIES will not follow the movies “exactly”…think about it.

    Mexican Vampires…sounds an afwul lot like about TWELVE MILLION ILLEGALS getting government sponsorship here in the USA to me.
    Now THAT that could make into a weekly series…should have a good solid five year run, too.
    (or until they close tehsouthern border…lol)


    Just sayin”

    Roll safe out there


    • They’ll probably start the series earlier in the story, perhaps showing Seth’s escape from custody and the shootouts and bank heist they pulled before we first saw them in the movie. But at some point, they’re gonna have to change how things work out for many of the characters.


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