snowpocalypse, part… whatever

It’s snowing here in Upstate NY. Again. It started this morning, and should continue through sometime tomorrow afternoon. This storm is part of a massive weather front that covers multiple states (I count at least 14). Weather forecasters have actually given up trying to predict what the total is going to be. But I’m willing to make a prediction: a whole shitload. How’s that for precision meteorology?

American novelist Charles Dudley Warner once said: “Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” Well, I’m ready to do something about it. All I need now is instructions on how to build a weather machine.


7 thoughts on “snowpocalypse, part… whatever

  1. I humbly apologize for sending the storms east. Well, technically South then East, but up here in WI we’ve had enough of both the cold and snow. The last couple storms missed us completely.


    • I’m completely burned out with winter weather. I’d leave the state tomorrow if I could. I don’t mind living somewhere where you get all 4 seasons, but I don’t have any patience with heavy snow and brutal cold. As soon as it’s financially feasible, I’m outta here.


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