this day in crime history: february 9, 1960

On this date in 1960, Adolph Coors III, heir to the beer company, was kidnapped after leaving for work. Evidence eventually pointed to a Fulbright scholar-turned-crook named Joseph Corbett, Jr. (pictured above). A nationwide manhunt was launched, with the FBI releasing over 1.5 million wanted posters.

By September 1960, the remains of Adolph Coors were found near Pike’s Peak. Apparently, he had been shot during the abduction. In October 1960, Corbett was arrested by Canadian police in Vancouver, BC. He was convicted in 1961 and sentenced to life in prison. He was paroled in 1978 and died at age 80 in an apparent suicide in 2009.

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5 thoughts on “this day in crime history: february 9, 1960

    • Thanks for the reblog.

      Actually, he wound up putting as bullet in his head. He was apparently suffering from terminal cancer, I guess he didn’t want to suffer too much. Not that he hadn’t earned some suffering with what he did.


      • You’re welcome.
        OK. Years ago, in NYC (Brooklyn), the mob was “partners” in a pizzeria. Payment was made on time always, for protection. One day some guy from the projects walks into the pizzeria, pulls a gun, and says those three famous words, “Stick ‘Em Up!”. The little Italian guy behind the counter tells him to, “get out, you son-of-a-bitch!”. Gunman repeats his demands. Little Italian guy says, “Hey Choochula (Jackass in Italian), you know who my partners are?”. Gunman threatens to start shooting. Takes the money and runs out the door and up the elevated train station. Little Italian guy calls 9-1-1, and NYC Transit Police halt the train between stations and run along the tracks, and make the arrest. Gunman is arrogant. Welfare give lawyers free through Legal Aid. He’s going to sue everyone. They’re picking on him because he is black…
        Three days later he leaves the System, Arraignment ROR (Released Own Recognance – no bail money paid).
        The next day.., a dead body is found. Male black. Beaten badly, from the looks of it possibly a baseball bat or two. Positive Identification cannot be made, he is beaten so badly. Both hands are cut off and next to corpse. A slice of pizza shoved down his throat.
        Nobody was ever arrested. It was a message to the project dwellers. A warning to stay out of the Italian section, if they wanted to do crime.
        God forgives – Sicilians Don’t.


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