oh snow, not again!


So we’re getting dumped on again. It started just after midnight and is supposed to run all day. I’ve accumulated a crapload of vacation days, so I decided to just take the day off. If there’s anything I hate, it’s coming home after a hard day’s work and having to shovel my driveway for a couple hours. This way, I’ll be able to chip away at it all day. Maybe my wife will actually have a place to park when she gets home from work. They were predicting 8-12 inches total. I’m hoping we’ll be closer to the low end of that than the high end. They were also predicting that the snow would be wet and heavy. So far, it’s been of the light and fluffy variety. It’d be better for my back if it stays that way.


4 thoughts on “oh snow, not again!

  1. John D.:
    “Light and fluffy”…should ONLY apply to BISCUITS…!
    (with sausage gravy)

    The snow here in the Hoosierland has been moderate in weight..not too light, not too heavy…just about a FOOT of it…all over the place, and not one plow in sight.

    And by all means…TAKE the day OFF!
    I swear…much MORE of this, and I’m digging the Christmas tree BACK OUT!
    (seems to have snowed every day BUT Christmas…I want a do-over…)


    Roll safe and stay warm out there.


    • Just finished shoveling. The snow has gotten heavier, and there was more of it than there was at 7AM. It wasn’t too horrid, but it still took me an hour and a half to get through it.


  2. I was so glad when we bought a snow blower a few years ago. We have a long driveway and the first time I used the blower the snowfall was higher than the machine’s intake. I happily took my time thinking how lucky I was not to shovel.

    The was snow and wind earlier this morning and the machine tore through the drifting. There was been some very fluffy snow this winter. Light enough that hauling the blower out of the garage is not worth the hassle compared to shoveling.


    • Truth be told, I have an old used snow blower I bought years back. I haven’t used it in a couple of winters because I’ve been too lazy to dig it out of the garage and get it going. I suppose I should try to fire it up, see if it still works. Worse case scenario is that it won’t snow again and I’d have wasted an hour or two on it. Which is still better than shoveling.


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