saving lives with bullet-tooth tony

Who knows more about crisis management than Snatch‘s Bullet-Tooth Tony? No one, that’s who. And just in case you thought Tony’s expertise was limited to ending lives, he’s also schooled in life saving as well. Here’s Vinnie Jones, the man who played Tony, in an ad for the British Heart Foundation.

Snatch fans may recognize one of Vinnie’s “assistants.” That’s Andy Beckwith, who played Errol, one of Bricktop’s enforcers. And FYI, 9-9-9 is the UK’s emergency phone number. If you’re in the US or Canada, 9-1-1 will do the trick.


11 thoughts on “saving lives with bullet-tooth tony

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Fantastic! I’m also glad to see they stopped the rescue breathing. Knew one cop that somebody threw up in his mouth, then found out, the guy was HIV Positive. I used to say, do the Infantry kick, to see if they are alive. This video is much more humane, and the actors, sensitive guys.


  2. “About two inches in old money” Lmao.
    Oh this is a good find. Bullet-Tooth Tony saving lives rather than taking them. And damn, hasn’t Erroll let himself go?


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