friday movie quote


“Pulling a trigger is like ordering takeout.”

-Mad Dog (Yayan Ruhian), The Raid: Redemption (2011)


2 thoughts on “friday movie quote

  1. John D.:
    Of ALL the paper I’ve punched over the decades, I can honestly say I’ve NEVER thought about it QUITE this way…lol.
    (make my takeout pork Lo Mein…with 2 egg rolls)
    Perhaps I need to see this movie as well.

    Good call.

    Roll safe out there this weekend.


    • Just his way of saying that killing with a gun is too impersonal. Mad Dog is more of a “hands on” kinda guy. Which he proceeds to prove in a couple of hellacious fight scenes. BTW, this is a great action flick. Definitely worth a watch.


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