tough time to be a cop

A friend of mine had this police recruiting advertisement from the UK posted on his Facebook wall. It looks like the life of a cop was a pretty tough one in 1839. What do you think a modern police union would say to requirements and working conditions like these? The last one’s especially amusing. It’s a wonder they got any recruits at all.



4 thoughts on “tough time to be a cop

  1. If my employer told me that I must be prepared to be stabbed, I would tell him to go to hell haha. It certainly was a tough schedule, but think of all the time that they were wasting shaving that they get back. Now they can really enjoy the free time that their 12-hour a day, 7 days a week job affords them!


  2. John D.:
    Crikey, mate, that’s a bit of a sticky wicket to allow onself to be THAT bollocksed up over a pitance of a couple quid a week.
    And they HAVE to bathe?
    Such DRACONIAN pratices…it ain’t no bloody SATURDAY night, rh?

    Great post…loved it.

    Roll safe out there.
    (and NO top hats with food in it)


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