the operational pause continues

As of today, I’m still sitting in the breakdown lane of the Information Superhighway. My computer’s still dead, and I have yet to purchase a replacement. I’ve done some shopping and found a couple good possibilities. I’m trying to strike a balance between low cost and power. I’m not a gamer, so I don’t need state of the art graphics or the latest bells and whistles. I do, however, want something that won’t be obsolete in a year. I’m hoping to have something by Saturday afternoon. Then I get to screw around with Windows 8 to see if I can find a way to live with it.


2 thoughts on “the operational pause continues

  1. John D.:
    How about taking it to a service center and seeing how much it would cost to FIX, as opposed to getting a new one (and having tio PROPERLY dispose of the old one at s specified recycling facility)?

    It might cost you LESS, if it’s a M/B, or pwr supply issue.
    Check about for free estimates.

    Just a thought.

    Stay safe out there.


    • I decided to go with a new one. If it’s the motherboard, I figure it would cost at least a couple hundred to fix it. Not worth it for a 6+ year old laptop that’s probably going to suffer some other catastrophic breakdown in the near future. I guess I’ll have to struggle with Windows 8.


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