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Due to my computer deciding to crap the bed yesterday, posting may be light over the next few days, depending on when I can get access to the wife’s machine. For some reason, she seems to think that completing reports for work is more important than my blogging. Insane, right?

In the meantime, I’ll be forced to do three things I really hate:

1. Shop for a new laptop.

2. Spend money,

3. Deal with Windows 8. We bought a new computer for my youngest to take with her to college, and it has Windows 8. The one thing I learned from this experience is that I really, REALLY hate Windows 8. Really.


9 thoughts on “programming note

  1. Sucks about the computer. What exactly happened to it? As far as Winblows, ever thought of Linux? I switched to it years ago and never looked back. Don’t even run dual boot anymore.


    • It won’t boot up. The fan runs, but the computer never really gets started. I suspect it might be the motherboard. I’m wondering if that’s a relatively easy fix, and whether it’s worth it for a six year old computer.

      As for Linux, I’ve given it some thought, but I’d want to learn something about it first before taking the plunge. Like whether there are many Windows-based programs that will run on a machine with a Linux OS. Plus, how hard is it to use if all you’ve ever used in Windows?


      • Linux has every comparable windows program you could imagine, but if you absolutely have to use a certain program Linux has a prog called Wine that will run DOS progs. You can even install windows/linux on the same computer and switch back and forth until you get comfortable with it, be more than happy to help you with that.

        As far as it not booting up, have you tried wiping the hard drive and re-installing the OS?


      • Can’t do anything with the hard drive. The thing literally won’t start. Lights come on like it’s starting, then the go off, then come back on, then go back off, etc. It would go on indefinitely, if I’d let it. Nothing ever appears on the screen.


  2. John D.:
    I can SO relate…we must be of a like mind (and in today’s world, there should be those who are FRIGHTENED TO DEATH…lol).
    I also despise WIndows “anything” above XP!
    I haven’t even mastered WIN 98 YET for God’s sake!

    Had an HP that did something similar to yours…kept doing (as I called it) “Boot Loops”.

    Sad when a “major” appliance in the home has such a SHORT “shelf-life”…
    Glad CARS aren’t THAT bad…(yet, but they ARE getting there).

    Roll safe and happy hunting on the ‘puter replacement.


  3. I have the same issue with Windows 8. It doesn’t have a start button and the tiling just looks… irrational. We got a computer for my son for college that has Windows 8 on it, and he seems fine with it, but if it were me, I would prefer to get Windows 7. I’ve read that Windows 8 has really hurt new PC sales and businesses are not interested in upgrading to that version.


    • MY understanding is that MS went with the tiling to give PCs a more tablet-y feel. Sorry, but those of us who use computers for work aren’t looking for a trendy iPad experience. Apparently, this sentiment is shared by many users. From what I’ve read, Win 9 is going to be quite different. At this rate, Ubuntu, or some other LInux OS, is looking better and better.

      A collge buddy of mine — who has a compuer science background, so I’m inclined to trust his judgment on this — put me onto a program called iObit Start Menu 8. It puts a start menu on your Windows 8 desk top. I installed it on my daughter’s computer and it seemed to work pretty well.


  4. Depending on how much effort you really want to put into not wanting a computer with Windows 8, I would suggest looking for a slightly old (roughly about 1 year) refurbished computer with Windows 7. I too despise Windows 8, so when it came time to upgrade from XP (still use it for writing), I found a nice refurbished HP ElitePro notebook with Windows 7 for roughly $300.


    • I’d actually given thought to buying a refurbished machine. I still haven’t decided yet. I’ll probably begin seriously shopping this weekend. As time goes on, I’m giving more and more consideration to the path suggested above by da_truth36. It might be getting near time to walk away from MS in favor of LInux. As long as I could figure out how to use it, and it could run the software I use (especially Apache Openoffice, which is my prefereed office suite), it would be fine for me.


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