ho, ho, hold on a minute

A couple weeks ago, one of the local rock radio stations crapped the bed. I turned it on and it was playing country music. Needless to say, it got booted from my car radio presets. I ended up replacing it with an oldies station that plays 60s and 70s music. Not a great station, but not bad.

Anyway, last Friday I was out doing something for work. I had the radio on for company. Both of the local rock stations were playing commercials, so I put on the oldies station. Christmas music. They were playing Christmas music. A week after frickin’ Halloween, for crying out loud. They’re now billing themselves as Oldies 98.3, The Capital District’s Holiday Music Station. This is rucking fidiculous.

8 thoughts on “ho, ho, hold on a minute

  1. My daughter loves Christmas movies and Lifetime has been playing them every afternoon on TV. I had no idea there were so many made for TV Christmas movies.


  2. John D.:
    Every year it gets EARLIER…and I think I might have a solution to all of this…
    Let’s CELEBRATE Christmas ALL DAMN YEAR…period!

    Hey, that ought honk off all the atheists…AND will win this “war on Chtristmas”.
    Whatta “two-fer”.!

    But the down side is that I don’t believe I could handle “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” being played in say…JULY.
    Besides, how the hell do you keep a REAL Christmas tree alive ALL YEAR without having it outside in the damn ground to begin with?


    Oh well, back to the think tank…lol.

    Stay safe out there.


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