this day in crime history: september 26, 1933

This one’s a two-fer. September 26, 1933 was a big day for crime stories.


On this date in 1933, George “Machine Gun Kelly” Barnes was arrested by FBI agents in Memphis, TN. Kelly, who was asleep when agents burst in on him, surrendered without incident.

Further reading:

Wikipedia – Machine Gun Kelly

Amsterdam Evening Recorder – “Machine Gun” Kelly, Notorious Desperado, Captured in Memphis


Also on this date in 1933, ten inmates escaped from the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City. The inmates took hostages using three pistols that had been smuggled into the prison. The escapees included Dillinger associates Harry Pierpont, Charles Makley, Russell Clark, and John Hamilton.

Further reading:

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4 thoughts on “this day in crime history: september 26, 1933

  1. …And I believe this the escape when Dillinger made the getaway in the warden’s car…a V8 FORD.
    (coulda been another escape)

    Even wrote Ford Motor Company saying what a GOOD car it was!

    Now THAT’s bolder than brass!
    (and a decent plug for the company)


    Roll safe.


    • Dillinger didn’t escape with this group, he had already been paroled. But rumor had it that he was the one who arranged for the guns to be smuggled in. The escape where he stole the sheriff’s car was from the Lake County Jail in Crown Point, IN.

      It was Clyde Barrow who supposedly wrote the letter to Ford. Clyde liked their V-8, as it could beat pretty much anything on the road at that time. Clyde liked having the edge in technology. That’s probably why he favored the B.A.R. over the Tommy gun.


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