this day in crime history: september 16, 1920

On this date in 1920, an unidentified man stopped his horse-drawn cart in front of the J. P. Morgan building on Wall Street. He got down from the cart and disappeared into the noontime crowd. A short while later, a bomb consisting of dynamite and cast iron slugs detonated on the busy street. Thirty-eight people were killed and over four hundred were injured. Police conducted an exhaustive investigation that lasted over three years, but the case was never solved.

Further reading:

The “Previous Terror on Wall Street — A Look at a 1920 Bombing”

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8 thoughts on “this day in crime history: september 16, 1920

  1. John D.:
    Holy crap…that’s some serious devastation…
    By just looking at the phoro, I thought it was a traffic accident.
    The case was never solved as well…someone took this crime to their grave.
    Amazing that no one noticed any FUSE burning (doubt it was a wind-up alarm clock timer)…then again, it WAS NYC and WAS crowded (even back then)
    Very intriguing story.

    Roll safe out there.


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