running for the border just got classier

Well damn, I didn’t see this coming.

Taco Bell introduces more upscale items

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Taco Bell, often a late-night indulgence with its inexpensive fare, is going more upscale.

The chain said Wednesday it plans an early July rollout of a menu addition created by celebrity chef Lorena Garcia for its nearly 5,600 U.S. restaurants. New items feature such ingredients as black beans, cilantro rice, citrus- and herb-marinated chicken and cilantro dressing.

The introduction of items that Taco Bell executive Brian Niccol described as “gourmet Mexican,” is a venture onto the turf of casual-dining chains such as Chipotle Mexican Grill and Qdoba Mexican Grill known for higher-quality ingredients.

Since they hired chef Lorena Garcia, as opposed to Lorena Bobbitt, I guess it’s safe to say that hotdogs won’t be on the menu.

I don’t really see the reason for this. If I want more “upscale” Mexican fast food (let’s face it, none of the aforementioned places is really upscale), I’d go to Chipotle or Moe’s (we don’t have Qdobo around here). I go to T-Bell when I’m in the mood for some cheap Mexican(ish) fast food. These new menu items don’t do anything for me.

But hey, maybe Taco Bell’s senior leadership knows something I don’t. I guess that’s why they’re going to win the franchise wars.

9 thoughts on “running for the border just got classier

  1. Never liked Taco Bell, never. But drove through one day a couple of weeks past to get something to drink, saw they had limeade and opted for that. I’ve driven through every day since to buy a limeade (and a couple of times I even sprung for tacos).


  2. Taco Bell is one of my guilty pleasures. I try to keep it down to three or four times a month, but I’d eat there every day if my stomach could handle it. Yeah, I’ve had real Mexican food and Taco Bell comes no where near close, but it’s still damned tasty. And I’m so glad you included that clip, that was the first thing that popped into my mind when I read the headline of this post: “Now, every restaurant is Taco Bell.”


  3. John D.:
    I’ve ate my fill there more than a few times…good food, decent prices.
    Wish they had one close enough like we USED to have (before the “locals” robbed it enough to close it down)
    Even got me a set of BATMAN cups from a Jersey Taco Bell when the 1st Keaton movie came out…lol

    But somehow, I can’t see TB catering to the BMW drivers and the Starbucks for Lunch Bunch…

    Then again, it might offset all the moolies that have to eat off their crack high at 3AM…(and then dump the trash out the car windows along city streets)
    Could be a winner in THAT manner.

    Yo Quero Mary Jane?

    Roll safe out there.


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