great openings: bullitt

There’s nothing like a great opening to really grab you and pull you into a movie. When it comes to great openings, one of my favorites is from the movie Bullitt. The jazzy, too-cool score from Lalo Schifrin (the man who gave us the theme to Mission Impossible) is really what puts this sequence over the top.

5 thoughts on “great openings: bullitt

  1. Yeah, man! One of the all-time great movie titles sequences ever! The Peter Yates film is under-appeciated, though, as crime thriller. Many just claim it’s good for the cool things like this, Steve McQueen, and the car chase sequence, but it’s more influential than for those aspects. You can see its effect on the later masterwork, Michael Mann’s HEAT (the airport finale, for instance). Good one, John.


    • Agreed, Bullitt is great film making on every level. It really brought the genre into (what was then) the modern age. Prior to Bullitt, police procedurals had a 1940s-1950s flavor to them.


  2. John D.:
    I just watched this all the way through on TCM a few weeks ago.,..I STILL love it…everything about it is COOL!
    Goes to show the good guy isn’t perfect but CAN get the job done.

    And Lalo Schfrin also did the music for DIRTY HARRY (another cool flick)

    Nice call.

    Stay safe.


    • He did all but one (The Enforcer) of the Dirty Harry Movies, as well as one of my personal favorites, Enter the Dragon. According to IMDb, he has 201 credits as composer. The guy will be 80 next month and he’s still going strong.


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