the raid: redemption

I saw the trailer for this movie on the Actionfest blog last week. The Raid: Redemption is an Indonesian action movie about a SWAT team trapped in a building filled with criminals. Shootouts, fight scenes, and wild-ass stunts; if the trailer is any indication, this movie’s gonna rock.

According to IMDb, The Raid: Redemptiom hits US theaters on March 23rd.

6 thoughts on “the raid: redemption

  1. John D.:
    Looks to be some fun there…

    Wonder how long into the flick when someone says:
    “We’re going to need Guns…LOTS of guns”, or “We’re gonna need MORE ammo”.

    Kinda reminds me of what SHOULD have happened with DIE HARD (Willis could have had a nice Christmas w/ the Missus then)…LOL.

    Good call.

    Rolls safe out there


    • By the looks of the trailer, running out of ammo won’t slow the fight down one bit. There’ll still be plenty of fists, feet, knees and elbows to keep things going. Plus there’s always a window to throw a guy through.


  2. A caught news of this film a couple of months ago on the web (red band trailer). Some awesome action sequences (and the Indonesian martial art Pencak Silat in high profile). Can’t wait till the 23rd when it see U.S. release.


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