shake your bacon, baby!

Bacon, it’s not just for breakfast anymore. And it’s not just for eating. Now you can drink it. That’s right, you can drink it. The Jack in the Box fast food chain now offers a Bacon Milkshake. What’s in it? Glad you asked. According to the company’s website, it’s “made with real vanilla ice cream, bacon flavored syrup, whipped topping and a maraschino cherry.” For those of you who are watching your figures, the 16 ounce Bacon Milkshake has 773 calories and 40 grams of fat (28 saturated!). With numbers that bad, it’s gotta be tasty. Sadly, we don’t have Jack in the Box in my neck of the woods, so I can only dream.

Hat tip: Q103

7 thoughts on “shake your bacon, baby!

  1. John D:
    When it comes to cloggin’ my arteries, I much prefer the “traditional ” approach…like eggs with BACON.
    Some things in nature (or fast food joints) shouldn’t be messed with.
    But that’s just me…

    Roll safe (and fat-free) out there.


      • John D.:
        Those are fantastic.
        (Wendy’s “gets it”…)

        And around my house, it’s NOT unusual to have a BLT (minus the “T&L”)…!

        My late father (a WW2 vet) got me started on bacon sandwiches (he had ’em iin the military)…and I never looked back.
        (thanks, Dad)


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