Since I have 41 vacation days saved up at work, I figured I ought to use a few before I lose my sanity. To that end, I took this week off. Since I can’t afford to go anywhere this year, I’m taking what you might call a “stay-cation.” I’ll just spend the week recharging my battery, so to speak. I’ll do some reading, some writing, and some movie-watching. Basically, it’ll be like a weekend, except it’ll be seven days long. If only they were all that long.

Since I won’t be doing any actual traveling this week, I figured maybe I could blog about some places I’d visit if money were no object. So check back later to see where I’m (not) going today.

4 thoughts on “stay-cation

  1. John D.:

    You COULD think of it as a “stay-cation”…OR, you could think of it as a “practice-run” for when you decide to retire.
    Make it the BEST week you possibly can, Boss.
    (besides, I’ve learned that TOTAL sanity isn’t all it’s “cracked-up” to be…LOL)


    Roll safe out there.


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