body of proof


The LA Fitness gym chain recently commissioned a poll to determine which celebrities had the best bodies. Top of the list for female celebrities was 66 year old actress Helen Mirren (pictured above). Go, Helen! The top-rated female bods were:

Helen Mirren
Elle MacPherson
Kelly Brook
Jennifer Lopez
Cheryl Cole
Myleene Klass
Pippa Middleton
Kate Winslet
Nicole Scherzinger

OK, I have no idea who Cheryl Cole and Myleene Klass are, but apparently they’re famous. Top men’s bods (for those who care about such things) were:

David Beckham
Daniel Craig
Johnny Depp
Brad Pitt
Peter Andre
David Hasselhoff
Rafael Nadal
Ryan Reynolds
Robbie Williams
Simon Cowell

And I’ll have to add Peter Andre and Rafael Nadal to my “never heard of ’em” list. But they get to hang with Cheryl Cole and Myleene Klass, so I guess that list isn’t a bad one to be on.

10 thoughts on “body of proof

  1. God, Mirren looks fantastic.

    I know Rafael Nadal is a tennis player. The others you mentioned, I don’t know.

    As for the list as a whole, I don’t know that I could stamp my approval on it. Some good choices, though, nonetheless.


    • I remember that post, a damn good one to be sure. Helen Mirren is definitely a good role model for you. 😉 I’ve still never seen Caligula, though. Some day, perhaps. I have seen Warhol’s Frankenstein, so I’m not a complete neophyte when it comes to 70s trash-art cinema.


  2. John D.:
    I am surprised that Raquel Welch wasn’t in the mix…!?!

    (yeah, even at MY age, I can have a thing for an older woman….yowzah!!)
    God save the “queen” (Helen)…for me…later.


    STay safe.


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