dawn of the dead

Another one of those movie classics I had never seen was George Romero’s 1978 zombie film Dawn of the Dead. I corrected that oversight last night. This one’s a must-see for fans of the zombie genre. There was a remake in 2004. I haven’t seen that yet, but I wanted to see the original first. Maybe I’ll catch the remake next week.

11 thoughts on “dawn of the dead

  1. I saw the remake, thanks to Hubby and his, “Oh, I just rented something that looks like fun” schtick. It wasn’t IMO as good as the ’78 film. But it had big names.

    Oh, and he pulled that stunt with The Ring, also. I didn’t sleep for a week.


    • Thanks, Cap. Actually, I wasn’t that dissatisfied with Blogger, but the web filter at work had labeled my site, and numerous other Blogger sites, as pr0n. So I ditched Blogger for WordPress. So far there have been a few snags, but on the whole I’m satisfied with the end result.


  2. The first is great movie making, the remake is good but nothing spectacular. By the way it’s only a “remake” in the basic story idea, people trapped in a shopping mall with zombies trying to get them. That, and the title are all they really have in common.


  3. Most unusually, I didn’t hate the remake of Dawn of the Dead as I do with most horror remakes. As others have said, nothing spectacular but better than the usual fare of remakes.


    • I figured it’s worth a look. If it’s mildly entertaining for a couple of hours, it’ll be worth it. I borrow the DVDs from my local library, so it’s not like it costs me any money. 🙂


  4. I liked both versions. The original was unique in that it seemed to have as much to say about American consumer culture as flesh eating zombies. You can imagine living in a mall is some people’s idea of heaven (not mine, more of a dystopia to me).

    There are more differences between the films than fast vs slow zombies, but the remake is shown on Syfy about 3 times a week so if you look for it, you can’t miss it.


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