Hearing Boston's “More Than a Feeling” on a warm, sunny spring day is like a double shot of Zoloft with a Prozac chaser. It's like someone set my Penfield Mood Organ* to “Extra Happy”. It's funny how seemingly little things can change your whole outlook. My Cinco de Mayo lunch from Hot Harry's didn't hurt.

*OK, all you smart people. Who knows what a Penfield Mood Organ is, and what book it appeared in? And step away from that search engine, no cheating.

4 thoughts on “IT’S ALL GOOD

  1. Pat,
    Nope. But you're almost in the neighborhood of being near to close. (Based on Don Knotts' resemblance to a well-known action movie star).


  2. Sally Anne,
    Correctamundo! I'm impressed.

    And in answer to the question posed by the title: no, they do not dream of electric sheep. Androids dream of doing the Electric Slide. And sometimes the Macarena. But never the Chicken Dance. Androids hate the Chicken Dance.


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