I can’t believe I almost let this one slip by me. Thankfully, RT, who is guest blogging over at SYLG, reminded me with this post. Thanks, RT.

Anyway, today is the anniversary of the infamous gunfight at the OK Corral. If you’re so inclined, you can read what I had to say about the shootout in last year’s post on the subject.

If last year’s commentary won’t do it for you, how about this year’s pictures? It just so happens that I went to Tombstone last month (twice, in fact; because once just wasn’t enough). Here are a few of the pictures I took (click to gigantify):

This is Allen Street, the main drag of old Tombstone.

This is where it all happened. It’s what used to be a lot adjacent to the OK Corral.

This is the Black Moriah. It was the hearse that was used to carry the “dearly departed” to Boot Hill.

And speaking of Boot Hill, here’s the final resting place of Billy Clanton and the McClaury brothers.

No Boot Hill picture collection would be complete with a photo of the tombstone of Lester Moore.

Western Lawman: 21st Century Edition. The Tombstone Marshal’s trusty steed.

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